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  • Silver's chemical symbol is Ag, and its atomic number is 47.
  • Pure silver is too soft to stand up under constant wear, it is usually mixed with copper to form an alloy before it is made into commercial articles and jewellery.
  • The word Sterling has been used to mean high quality silver since the 1200's.
  • Silver items marked Sterling means they contain at least 92.5% silver. Some jewellery may be marked 925, instead of with the word Sterling.
  • Silver is not changed by moisture, dryness, alkalis, or vegetable oils, but sulphur in the air will cause silver to turn black or tarnish.
  • Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Fine silver contains 99.9% pure silver. Bali and Thai silver is usually in a range of these silver content percentages, but the majority of it, especially the Thai silver, is at the 99.9% level, making it a finer silver than we often buy over the counter in UK shops. Adorn Jewellery Store stocks 75% of its silver from Thailand.
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