Birthstone Information List:

From Ancient times it was believed that wearing Gemstones (in particular your birthstone) could bring Good Health or Luck...




 Believed to....

 January  Garnet  Deep Red  Regenerate & Protect
 February  Amethyst  Purple  Protect & Calm
 March  Aquamarine  Aqua blue  Give Understanding, Peace & Bravery
 April  Diamond  Clear  Bring Healing, Love, Strength & Courage
 May  Emerald  Deep Green  Improve Memory & Increase Spiritual Awareness
 June  Alexandrite  Violet  Bring Luck & Fortune
 July  Ruby  Red/Pink  Protect & give powers of Prediction
 August  Peridot  Light green  Protect from evil spirits, cure insomnia, bring Wealth
 Septemeber  Sapphire  Mid Blue  Bring Wisdom
 October  Tourmaline  Rose pink  Bring Inspiration
 November  Topaz  Yellow  Protect & Strengthen the Mind
 December  Blue Zircon  Marine blue  Aid Sleep, Bring Wealth, Honour & Wisdom

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